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Fat Bike Galway

Fat Bike Galway Promotional Video​​

Fat Bike Galway


“Four wheels move the body …    but two wheels move the soul”


Connemara Full Day Luxury Private Tour

Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Connemara during a day trip to some of the region's top sights. Experience the thrill that comes with riding an electric fat tire bike whilst exploring the area and admire the diverse landscapes on a private guided excursion with convenient  roundtrip transportation from Galway. Enjoy the incredible scenery while effortlessly zipping along with a typical cycle time of 3 hours. 

It’s easy, fun and suitable for everybody 14 years old and over with group size booking options for up to 8 guests.

Bespoke Full & Multi-Day Luxury Tour

More than a private tour, a bespoke luxury tour is a custom designed itinerary unique to your needs. With flexible schedules, a bespoke experience offers couples, multi-generational families and small groups an intriguing means to discover unforgettable and timeless locales from the Connemara region in a private, personalized, atmosphere.

Suggested accommodation, private transportation and guided electric bike tours to cater for up to 8 guests.

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