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This was by far our favorite experience in Ireland. There’s something magical about living Connemara from the seat of a fat bike. The e-bike allows you to cover a lot of ground at a pace that still allows a full sensory experience. Climbing a hill to see chimney smoke ahead, anticipating the at lovely peat scent, riding the surreal landscapes of the region, encountering the honks of ducks around a bend, and approaching a beach where the cows roam nearly all the way to the sea makes you grateful to be experiencing the glory of Ireland in this unique way. 
You will leave the experience having made a friend in the owner and guide, Martin. His warm laugh, love if life and adventure, and genuine desire to feed your love of Ireland makes him an amazing leader. He is patient with newer cyclist and makes the sport accessible and enjoyable for all abilities. We felt safe at all times and deeply soaked in an unforgettable experience. 
We loved it so much we cancelled other plans to enjoy a second day with Martin! He expertly customized our second day to allow for new sites and experiences, leaving us wishing we had time for another tour!!  
Don’t miss this tour! Most tours mean experiencing a place through a fish bowl — you look but don’t really get the cultural experience, the sensory experience. Martin shatters that glass with his e-bikes and fully immerses you in a way that imprints the memories directly into the soul!

Nicole - November 2022

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